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+31 (0)412 64 56 63

+31 (0)412 64 56 63

Discover the many faces of GrassInc.

To us, artificial grass isn’t just artificial grass. Because every single product we have developed over the past years, has grown it’s own personality to match your and your customer’s needs. Whether you are looking for the most prestigeous and luxurious grass of our Summum-C® Collection, the sustainable solutions of our EcoSol-C® range, the strong products of our C-shape® Collection or one of the many more characteristics of our wide variety of products, we always make sure you are facing the best possibilities in today’s market for artificial grass.

GrassInc.: Europe’s leading  artificial grass manufacturer

GrassInc. produces a wide range of qualitative outstanding artificial grass for resellers throughout Europe. Do you wish to learn more about us and our innovative products? Feel free to have a look at our artificial grass collections, read more about our method of working or get to know us better

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