To us, artificial grass isn’t just artificial grass. Because every single product we have developed over the past years, has grown it’s own personality to match your and your customer’s needs. Whether you are looking for the most prestigeous and luxurious grass of our Summum-C® Collection, the sustainable solutions of our EcoSol-C® range, the strong products of our C-shape® Collection or one of the many more characteristics of our wide variety of products, we always make sure you are facing the best possibilities in today’s market for artificial grass.


Our Arctic® Collection is the coolest invention since artificial grass is used for domestic purposes. And if we say cool, we mean very cool! Unlike natural grass, conventional artificial grasses can warm up to temperatures over 60 degree Celsius on a nice and sunny day. It warms up so much, that it disturbs your comfort.

But not our Arctic® patented products! Arctic has got special hydrophilic areas embedded in its polymer matrix that, like natural grass, soak up the humidity from rain or dew and gradually evaporates this humidity when temperatures rise. That’s how you keep it cool!

An absolute breakthrough and surely one of the coolest innovations this decade.

Just sit back, relax and stay cool!


Basic Plus® is one of the few grasses in our collection that has not been developed to stand out from the crowd. And for good reason, because the idea which stimulated this collection was to create a type of artificial grass combining proven technology and the best quality materials with the latest in design.

This means that we can offer a basic, yet top quality, artificial grass collection for a broad audience. Hence the name: Basic Plus®. It’s a very thorough collection, produced in our state of the art factory in the Netherlands which is equipped with the newest, most efficient tufting machines and backing line available today.

Thanks to years of experience in developing and producing artificial grasses, we’ve designed a construction which has an excellent balance of gauge, dtex, number of stitches and pile height. Each of the machine settings mentioned determines the grade of quality of our Basic Plus® products and all of the materials in our product are selected carefully to guarantee a grass that looks and feels great for many years to come.


The C-shape® collection of GrassInc. is one of the most innovative artificial grasses available on the market. Thanks to smart engineering, based on the wishes of today’s demanding consumer, we have managed to create an artificial grass that is unbelievably resilient.

The secret lies in the unique crescent shape of the yarn and the use of the newest generation of polymers. This makes our C-shape® yarns one of the most resilient yarns available in today’s market. Tests have shown that C-shape® is up to twice as resilient, compared to other artificial grass yarns. Resilience is key!

The special C-shape® of the yarn works as a natural re-enforcement for the fibre, making it spring back to its original shape. Time after time. The highest grade of polymers used on this yarn (from European manufacturers only), strengthens the memory effect and assures a long lasting, elegant and problem-free solution.


In our business, weight is key. Because the grass fibres are priced per kilo, this means: less weight = lower prices. It is as simple as that. But the thinner the yarn, the lower the resilience. Our C-squared® Collection, however, is an exception to this rule.

To achieve this weight reduction, our engineers have managed to place two C-shapes, back-to-back to each other in the same filament of yarn. The result is an extremely strong and resilient grass: up to four times

stronger in comparison to conventional yarns of a rectangular shape. And that’s exactly why we call it C-squared®.

We have designed the C-squared® shape with one goal: to create an artificial grass which combines nice, thin yarn blades with resilient and durable properties. The outcome is a high quality grass with a surprisingly competitive price: 20 to 30% less than most European grasses on the market today.


Ten carefully selected colors, beautiful, high quality construction and made from 100% European raw materials. Add this together and the Crazy Colors® collection offers its buyers unique opportunities to brighten up any outdoor environment and/or event.

Whether it’s for a fun recreation area in a park or an outdoor rug, the Crazy Colors® Collection was designed as a playful, yet stylish, eye-catcher. With this collection, GrassInc. is able to offer a complete range of exciting products from hardy outdoor matting to trendy outdoor carpet that matches your new lounge set: Crazy Colors® offers opportunities like never before.

All ten colors have been carefully chosen and are made of a bi-colored yarn which automatically adapts to the surrounding colors, even if it’s slightly different. The color intensity is also very deep which gives the yarn a rich

and intense look.


In our business sector we have seen a lot of claims about ‘environmentally friendly’ products. But, on further examination, we discovered that all the other producers could do was promise that their grass was suitable for recycling at the end of its life span; this is a good start, but it’s simply not good enough – not sustainable enough.

So this discovery made us think: couldn’t we develop a new, environmentally friendly grass which already

contained recycled materials? To push the limit even further, we set ourselves a goal: to engineer a high quality eco-friendly grass selling at the same prices as our normal collections.

In close co-operation with the best yarn producers in Europe, we discovered a way of producing artificial grass yarns which are predominantly made (>80%) from recycled materials. The result? Our sustainable EcoSol-C® Collection: the first truly ECOlogical SOLution in artificial grass.


Conventional artificial grasses which are used for play or multigame areas all have one thing in common: every square meter of the grass needs to be filled with at least 25 kilos of sand. But this ruins the experience, because the children and sportsmen and women are playing on a bed of sand instead of grass.

So the engineers at GrassInc. developed a new concept: MultiPlay 2.0®. The idea was simple: lose the standard fibrillated yarn and implement a texturized monofilament yarn. By using this frizzy monofilament, we’ve reduced the amount of sand needed by 75%!

This way, we can offer a truly multifunctional surface for both play areas and multigame areas. With MultiPlay 2.0®, we can offer a similar level of resilience and playability as conventional systems, but without the disadvantage of feeling like you’re playing on sand.


One of the main challenges of today’s artificial grasses is making the product look natural and realistic. With the Natural Deluxe-C® collection, you can surprise your customers by showing them how very natural our artificial grass is today.

Not only have we mixed the colors to match the color of the grass that you can find all across Europe, we have also added a beige-green colored rootzone. This combination makes the Natural Deluxe-C® collection look more natural and realistic than the real thing. But what’s most important is that we have found a way to make our grass look more natural than most grasses available on the market today.

The products in our Natural Deluxe-C® collection all have a hyper realistic look which we’ve achieved by giving every square inch a random appearance. Most grasses on the market today look perfect, and therefore artificial and fake. In our Natural Deluxe-C® collection we decided to give the grass a random and wilder look


In our everlasting search to improve the quality of the artificial grass used for lawns and landscaping, we have managed to create a spectacular new product range. We call this new collection NatuReal®. And we have a very good reason to call it this.

As we studied natural grass, we found that every blade was unique in shape, length, thickness and color. This is what gives natural grass its perfectly random look. We have been able to copy this natural look in close cooperation with our development team, by adjusting our machines and lining up the best yarn producers in the world. Together, we have created something spectacular!

An artificial grass that looks so real, we have named it NatuReal®!


At GrassInc. we like to push to the limit. So while we were developing the ProGrass Golf® Collection, we had one goal: to create a professional artificial grass collection that was far better than any of the other golf grasses on the market. And so we did, causing a true revolution in the world of golf.

Looking closely at the wishes of professional golfers, we developed a tee grass with a very special ‘triple-stabilized’ yarn which offers golfers a highly stable material to stand on, enabling them to drive the ball to new lengths. But we use the newest developments and the highest grade of nylon yarns for our putting greens as well.

The quality of the raw materials, the techniques used to produce the grass and the wide variety of different

products means we can offer a complete collection for all golf disciplines with ball roll characteristics that will remain the same for many years to come.


Conventional artificial grass systems are produced either for strength and resilience or for softness and appearance. But a combination of both features - softness and resilience – would, of course, be the total package. That’s how we came up with the idea of developing our ReSoft® Collection and combining the best of both worlds.

To achieve this, everything has to be perfect. By working closely with the best yarn producers in Europe, we have developed a new shape that is super soft, but still strong enough to take a knock; this shape is best described as a ‘traditional diamond with wings’.

But the shape of the blades is not enough to make our ReSoft® Collection as strong and soft as it is. We also use the very best polymers and the newest extrusion techniques available in Europe today.


Summum is a word with a Latin origin, meaning ‘the highest’ or ‘the greatest’. And that is exactly what we had in mind when we created our Summum-C® range. This ultimate collection is the highest, densest, strongest, longest and most elegant grass our developers have ever created.

60 mm this is the tallest landscaping grass ever engineered. The Summum-C® Collection is offered in seven

different colors, united in one artificial grass. It doesn’t only look great, it also has a ground-breaking density because we’ve managed to process up to 4kg of yarn in every square meter.

These features is what makes Summum-C® so resilient, comfortable and strong. Summum-C® is GrassInc.’s response to the challenge of creating the best artificial grass available on the market today.


When we compare our GrassInc. collections with artificial grasses from the Far East, it’s easy to see how far we are ahead in terms of quality. But true quality comes at a price. Which made us think. Is it possible to create a profitable, 100% European artificial grass that can compete with the low-priced products from China?

Our SuperSaver® Collection proves that it is! More importantly, we can produce a profitable collection without compromising our products’ main advantages:

  • We offer a fast service and quick delivery.

  • We are just around the corner if you have any questions or queries.

  • We produce our SuperSaver® Collection adhering to the highest Dutch standards regarding UV stability, quality, appearance and - skin friendliness.

  • We guarantee that all our grasses are free of lead and cadmium.

  • We engineer our product for the European market and with a European signature.