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+31 (0)412 64 56 63

+31 (0)412 64 56 63

About us

To us, artificial grass isn’t just artificial grass. Because every single product we have developed over the past years, has grown it’s own personality to match your and your customer’s needs.


GrassInc. develops and produces artificial grass in 100% European quality. With more than 20 years of experience in the tufting industry, a constant need for innovation and a neverending curiousity to the needs of the market, have made GrassInc. what it is today: a leading producer of Europe’s finest artificial grass. GrassInc. is known for its no-nonsense strategy with very low overhead cost, so that we can offer the lowest possible prices for the highest quality artificial grasses made in Holland!


The high quality artificial grass products are produced in one of the most modern factories in Europe. Of course production takes place under the ISO9001 quality management system, assuring the highest quality of artificial grass in the market today. The newest tufting- and backing machines available, assure a quick, cost effective and high quality production of our grasses.


GrassInc. only supplies to B2B customers, varying from resellers, to wholesalers and importers throughout the entire world. The collections of GrassInc. are offered as a white label products or with the renowned GrassInc. brand, assuring the best solution for all possible market situations.


  • European quality, guaranteed!
  • ISO certified production process
  • Low overhead, low costs
  • Global coverage with a personal touch
  • And many more

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Grassinc. BV
Landweerstraat - Zuid 95B
5349 AK Oss The Netherlands 

T: +31 (0)412 64 56 63
F: +31 (0)412 82 02 21
E: info@grassinc.com

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