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The summuM-c® Collection;

The idea behind summuM-c®

Summum is a word with a Latin origin, meaning ‘the highest’ or ‘the greatest’. And that is exactly what we had in mind when we created our Summum-C® range. This ultimate collection is the highest, densest, strongest, longest and most elegant grass our developers have ever created.

60 mm this is the tallest landscaping grass ever engineered. The Summum-C® Collection is offered in seven
different colors, united in one artificial grass. It doesn’t only look great, it also has a ground-breaking density because we’ve managed to process up to 4kg of yarn in every square meter.

These features is what makes Summum-C® so resilient, comfortable and strong. Summum-C® is GrassInc.’s response to the challenge of creating the best artificial grass available on the market today.


To develop a perfect artificial grass, our engineers had to find the right balance of gauge, dtex, number of stitches, pile height and so on. Each of these machine settings determines the grade of quality of our Summum-C® products. Giving it its density but also its natural appearance.

To give you an example, conventional grasses have 6 or 8 ply yarns (the amount of filaments per stitch), but Summum-C® has 16 ply in the straight yarn AND 16 ply in its rootzone! Produced in our state of the art factory in the Netherlands, we use the newest, most efficient tufting machines and backing line currently available to develop these staggering numbers of ply yarns.

But it’s not just the numbers that count. That’s why we only work with European suppliers of raw materials. Together, we can guarantee the very high level and consistent quality of all the raw materials which are used in our product. And, of course, all our products are free of lead and cadmium, ensuring your customers only get the very best of the best.

The advantages of SUMMUM-C®

Each ingredient in our Summum-C® Collection is selected carefully, so that our grass looks and feels just as natural as the real thing. We take our pride in creating the most realistic looking - and feeling - grasses on the market. That means Summum-C® is non-shiny, has the beautiful silk like lustre of natural grass and feels exquisitely comfortable.

The straight fibres are C-shaped, so they provide great resilience. The grass blades have a built-in memory function, which ensures a long-lasting, elegant and problem-free product. The rounded shape of the blades and the use of soft polymers, results in a nice, foot friendly grass. Summum-C® also has an excellent level of UV stabilisation that protects the grass from the degrading influence of the sun, rain, frost and radiation. This guarantees a very natural look and feel, and the fact that our C-shaped yarn stores up to 20% less heat compared with most conventional yarn systems, is a big plus for customers who care about sustainability. 


The most luxurious and extraordinary grasses available
made from the best European raw materials
great to touch

Pure luxury and it shows
C-shaped, so up to 20% less heat storage
Up to twice as resilient

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