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The ReSoft® Collection;

The idea behind ReSoft®

Conventional artificial grass systems are produced either for strength and resilience or for softness and appearance. But a combination of both features - softness and resilience – would, of course, be the total package. That’s how we came up with the idea of developing our ReSoft® Collection and combining the best of both worlds.

To achieve this, everything has to be perfect. By working closely with the best yarn producers in Europe, we have developed a new shape that is super soft, but still strong enough to take a knock; this shape is best described as a ‘traditional diamond with wings’.

But the shape of the blades is not enough to make our ReSoft® Collection as strong and soft as it is. We also use the very best polymers and the newest extrusion techniques available in Europe today. 


All the products in our ReSoft© Collection are engineered using a specially shaped yarn which gives the collection a very soft feel, without losing its resilience. 

The fibres in our ReSoft® Collection are, of course, made of 100% European quality and the highest grade of polymers available. The quality of the polyethylene raw material (the polymer) is of vital importance - providing the grass with both softness and strength.

Apart from the special shape and highest quality polymer used in our ReSoft® products, we have also shaped the tufting construction to create a perfect balance between pile-height, stitches and face weight.

The advantages of ReSoft®

The ReSoft® Collection offers many advantages, such as the unique combination of a soft and resilient artificial grass.

 Secondly, the grass also looks stunning, thanks to our two beautiful colour combinations: a more contemporary olive-field combination or a fresh looking lime-dark option. ReSoft® has, of course, the best level of UV stability and is of 100% European quality.

Last but not least, it is designed to perfection in our state of the art factory in the Netherlands ensuring a gentle soft touch and a beautiful dense product that will
last longer than we dare to admit.


Sensationally soft
Remarkably reslient
Perfectly skin friendly
Excellent uv stability

100% European quality
Available in 2 colors
Designed to perfection

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