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The prograss golf® Collection;

The idea behind prograss golf®

At GrassInc. we like to push to the limit. So while we were developing the ProGrass Golf® Collection, we had one goal: to create a professional artificial grass collection that was far better than any of the other golf grasses on the market. And so we did, causing a true revolution in the world of golf.

Looking closely at the wishes of professional golfers, we developed a tee grass with a very special ‘triple-stabilized’ yarn which offers golfers a highly stable material to stand on, enabling them to drive the ball to new lengths. But we use the newest developments and the highest grade of nylon yarns for our putting greens as well.

 The quality of the raw materials, the techniques used to produce the grass and the wide variety of different
products means we can offer a complete collection for all golf disciplines with ball roll characteristics that will remain the same for many years to come.


We developed the ProGrass Golf Collection so that we can provide a first class solution for golf courses, from tee to green. To mimic the technical characteristics of natural golf grasses exactly, we have created no less than three specific types.

ProGrass Tee + is equipped with a triple stabilized polyamide yarn making it the most rigid tee grass available on the market. A good golf swing starts with proper posture, and  proper posture starts with a stable stance.

ProGrass Approach Green + is the result of months of research and development which has culminated in our engineers being able to create a perfect surface for approach shots, combined with fantastic putting characteristics. The 100% nylon yarn ensures that the putting surface doesn’t allow balls to start to roll too quickly after a while because it offers a beautiful and consistent surface all year round.

ProGrass Green + offers fantastic ball rolling characteristics because the grass has almost no pile direction. Thanks to the bi-colored yarn we use, the grass doesn’t only feel, but also looks natural. ProGrass Green + is available in three stimp speeds: Stimp 8, Stimp 10 and Stimp 12.

The advantages of PROGRASS GOLF®

Imagine a professional golfing grass, but without the cost, maintenance and hassle that’s associated with natural grasses. Imagine a grass that meets the needs of all golfing disciplines. Imagine a grass with great colour, perfect pile height, lifelike texture and excellent resilience. You’re now imagining our ProGrass Golf® Collection.

If you want to meet the demands of professionals, you need to be one yourself. That is why our technicians searched all over Europe to find the best raw materials available. This means that every product in our golf range uses a yarn which has been specially developed using the newest techniques. This way we can produce the precise characteristics that are required for each of the different products. It’s nature improved by men.

The ProGrass Golf® Collection is produced in our state of the art factory in the Netherlands. By using the best polymers and the latest extrusion technology, we can assure an excellent and safe product that is guaranteed to be free of lead and cadmium. 100% European quality, of course!


designed for professionals only
offering the best golf characteristics available
very consistent behaviour
made of 100% branded nylon

excellent uv resistance
100% european quality
shaped to perfection

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