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The NATUREAL® Collection;

The idea behind NATUREAL®

In our everlasting search to improve the quality of the artificial grass used for lawns and landscaping, we have managed to create a spectacular new product range. We call this new collection NatuReal®. And we have a very good reason to call it this.

As we studied natural grass, we found that every blade was unique in shape, length, thickness and color. This is what gives natural grass its perfectly random look. We have been able to copy this natural look in close cooperation with our development team, by adjusting our machines and lining up the best yarn producers in the world. Together, we have created something spectacular!

An artificial grass that looks so real, we have named it NatuReal®!


This collection looks natural and realistic for three main reasons:

  • We have managed to process a large number of different fibre shapes: up to 4 times more than traditional artificial grasses.
  • There’s a lot more color variation: up to 8 colors in one product.
  • We have fitted a special gauge on our newest tufting machines and can almost place every grass blade individually.

Combine the above with the use of high quality, 100% European materials. Produce it in our state of the art factory in the Netherlands and you will get a variety of artificial grasses that look even better than normal grass. It’s truly remarkable: a man-made improvement on nature! 

The advantages of NATUREAL®

Apart from its very realistic appearance, our NatuReal® Collection offers so much more.

NatuReal® has an excellent level UV stabilisation that protects the grass from the degrading influence of the sun, rain, frost and radiation. This also guarantees a very natural look and feel for many years to come.

As each ingredient in our NatuReal® Collection is carefully selected, and there is such a huge variation of color, shape, softness and lustre in each different yarn, these grasses look and feel just as natural as the real thing. But without any of the hassle of it! And the best part is, that it does not have to cost the earth!


The most realistic grass available
Dutch quality and design
European raw materials only
Perfectly skin friendly

Good value for money
Up to 8 different colors in 1 product
excellent natural look and feel

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