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The natural deluxe-C® Collection;

The idea behind natural deluxe-C®

One of the main challenges of today’s artificial grasses is making the product look natural and realistic. With the Natural Deluxe-C® collection, you can surprise your customers by showing them how very natural our artificial grass is today.

Not only have we mixed the colors to match the color of the grass that you can find all across Europe, we have also added a beige-green colored rootzone. This combination makes the Natural Deluxe-C® collection look more natural and realistic than the real thing. But what’s most important is that we have found a way to make our grass look more natural than most grasses available on the market today.

The products in our Natural Deluxe-C® collection all have a hyper realistic look which we’ve achieved by giving every square inch a random appearance. Most grasses on the market today look perfect, and therefore artificial and fake. In our Natural Deluxe-C® collection we decided to give the grass a random and wilder look.


TextIn our Natural Deluxe-C® collection series we work with our proven C-shape yarn, which offers many advantages. Not only is the C-shape the closest shape to natural grass, but it also gives the grass more resilience, so that we can create quite long grasses without compromising quality.

The yarn also has a very nice, silk-like lustre to it.  Just like natural grass, but without the hassle of
natural turf. The blades are not too shiny, but not too dull and plastic-like either. The silk lustre of the GrassInc. perfectly resembles its natural equivalent.

Depending on your – or your customers – wishes, the Natural Deluxe-C® Collection can be produced with a pile height from 26 to 48 mm, different gauges, polyethylene and polypropylene root zones and in two different colors for a natural look: field lime and olive field.

The advantages of NATURAL DELUXE-C®

GrassInc. only sources its raw materials from the very best European suppliers. This is how we are able to reach and maintain such a high level of consistent quality. All our products are, of course, free of lead and cadmium, ensuring that your customers only get the best of the best.

On average, our Natural Deluxe-C® products are about 20 to 30% lighter in weight than traditional constructions, so use about 20 to 30% less material which, of course, has a huge impact on the price. That is what makes our Natural Deluxe-C® series one of the most realistic grasses we offer, but also one of the most affordable!

Our Natural Deluxe-C® collection is shaped to perfection as we only use our special C-shaped yarns in this collection. This makes it up to twice as resilient as traditional fibres and, as 20% less heat is absorbed on an average sunny day, it also makes it one of the coolest!


natural appearance
100% European quality yarn
nice look and feel

non-shiny lustre
value for money

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