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The ecosol-c® Collection;

The idea behind ecosol-c®

In our business sector we have seen a lot of claims about ‘environmentally friendly’ products. But, on further examination, we discovered that all the other producers could do was promise that their grass was suitable for recycling at the end of its life span; this is a good start, but it’s simply not good enough – not sustainable enough.

So this discovery made us think: couldn’t we develop a new, environmentally friendly grass which already
contained recycled materials? To push the limit even further, we set ourselves a goal: to engineer a high quality eco-friendly grass selling at the same prices as our normal collections.

In close co-operation with the best yarn producers in Europe, we discovered a way of producing artificial grass yarns which are predominantly made (>80%) from recycled materials. The result? Our sustainable EcoSol-C® Collection: the first truly ECOlogical SOLution in artificial grass.                                                            


Our EcoSol-C® Collection is available in
three beautiful varieties, each with different pile heights:

  • 26 mm
  • 30 mm
  • 40 mm

TextAll the products in the EcoSol-C® Collection are known for their strong and dense construction. We’ve even managed to fit the recycled grass fibres with our distinctive C-shape to make them even more resilient. The natural look and feel of our collection can be attributed to the silk-like lustre of the grass.

The EcoSol-C® Collection is produced in our factory in the Netherlands. By using the best polymers and the latest extrusion technology, we can assure an excellent and safe product that is guaranteed to be free of lead and cadmium.

The advantages of ECOSOL-C®

EcoSol-C® was developed with the future of our planet in mind. But that didn’t stop us equipping this new generation of artificial grass with amazing properties,
benefits and features.

Using recycled material also has benefits in terms of the grass’ properties. The straight fibres are C-shaped, so they offer you excellent resilience. The grass blades have a built-in memory function which ensures a long-lasting elegant and problem-free product. The rounded shape of the blades, and the use of soft polymers, results in a nice, foot friendly grass too.

EcoSol-C® also has an excellent level of UV stabilisation that protects the grass from the degrading influence of the sun, rain, frost and radiation. This guarantees a very natural look and feel. The fact that our C-shaped yarn retains up to 20% less heat, compared to most conventional yarn systems, is a big plus for sustainable minded customers.


Made from recycled materials (>80%)
C-shaped for better resilience
Natural look by using bi-colored yarn

Perfectly skin friendly
100% European quality
up to 20% less heat storage

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