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The crazy colors® Collection;

The idea behind crazy colors®

Ten carefully selected colors, beautiful, high quality construction and made from 100% European raw materials. Add this together and the Crazy Colors® collection offers its buyers unique opportunities to brighten up any outdoor environment and/or event.

Whether it’s for a fun recreation area in a park or an outdoor rug, the Crazy Colors® Collection was designed as a playful, yet stylish, eye-catcher. With this collection, GrassInc. is able to offer a complete range of exciting products from hardy outdoor matting to trendy outdoor carpet that matches your new lounge set: Crazy Colors® offers opportunities  like never before.

All ten colors have been carefully chosen and are made of a bi-colored yarn which automatically adapts to the surrounding colors, even if it’s slightly different. The color intensity is also very deep which gives the yarn a rich
and intense look. 


There are no less than ten dedicated colors which you can choose from to match any mood, style or ambiance you like. Our collection is available in 2 or 4 metre wide rolls. Stylish or playful? Serious or chique? Make your choice:

  • Beautiful Black
  • Brilliant Brown
  • Gorgeous Grey
  • Gracious Gold
  • Lovely Lime
  • Perfect Purple
  • Pretty Pink
  • Royal Red
  • Silly Silver
  • Trendy Turquoise

Crazy Colors® is the thickest and densest colored grass on the market today. Thanks to a perfect balance between a strong PE-straight yarn and a very bulky polypropylene root zone, you can readily sense the quality and luxury this product has to offer and, of course, Crazy Colors® comes with a European UV Protection warranty of 8 years.

The advantages of CRAZY COLORs®

Crazy Colors® is produced in our state of the art factory in Genemuiden, the Netherlands. Our ISO9001 certified production process, the most efficient tufting machines and backing line available today, ensure that you are purchasing a product that really stands out from the crowd.

GrassInc.’s raw materials are only sourced from the best European suppliers. By selecting our suppliers and materials carefully, we have achieved a high level of consistent quality. Of course all our products are free of lead and cadmium, so your customers only get the very best of the best.

All the products in the Crazy Colors® Collection have an excellent level of UV stabilisation which protects the grass from the degrading influence of the sun,
rain, frost and radiation. This guarantees a very colorfast, vibrant and lively look and feel for many years to come.


100% Dutch design
Available in ten vibrant colors
dense and thick
made from the best Raw materials

numerous trendy outdoor solutions
Bi-colored to match surrounding colors
always available for quick delivery

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