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The c-squared® Collection;

The idea behind c-squared®

In our business, weight is key. Because the grass fibres are priced per kilo, this means: less weight = lower prices. It is as simple as that. But the thinner the yarn, the lower the resilience. Our C-squared® Collection, however, is an exception to this rule.

To achieve this weight reduction, our engineers have managed to place two C-shapes, back-to-back to each other in the same filament of yarn. The result is an extremely strong and resilient grass: up to four times
stronger in comparison to conventional yarns of a rectangular shape. And that’s exactly why we call it C-squared®.

We have designed the C-squared® shape with one goal: to create an artificial grass which combines nice, thin yarn blades with resilient and durable properties. The outcome is a high quality grass with a surprisingly competitive price: 20 to 30% less than most European grasses on the market today.


The products in the C-squared® Collection are available across a wide range of products, varying in pile height from 16 up to even 50 mm. The
C-squared® products are also available in different gauges.

The yarn is completely non-shiny and has
been given a nice silk-like lustre. This special treatment ensures that the grass keeps its fresh and lively appearance, just like a nice, well-kept natural lawn.

We have developed the C-squared® yarns in
cooperation with the most renowned yarn producers in Germany and have transformed the yarn into artificial grass in our state of the
art factory in the Netherlands.

By using the best polymers and the latest extrusion technology, we can ensure an excellent level of UV protection, a high standard of skin friendliness and a safe product that is
guaranteed to be free of lead and cadmium.

The advantages of C-SQUARED®

Thanks to the C-squared® shape, we managed to create a very strong fibre which meant we could make the yarn thinner. Much thinner. The extra fine blades give us the possibility of creating the most natural appearance in artificial grass today. Because the yarn is significantly lighter in weight, we need less of it. So the price for our C-squared® grasses is at least 20 to 30% below the price of similar products on the market today!

We have used the latest technology to offer you many advantages. For example: our grass stores 20% less heat on a sunny day than comparable products. But it
also comes in a totally new colour combination, one that matches the elegance of our entire collection and the current style your customer prefers.

The C-squared® Collection guarantees a 100% European quality as it is produced in our state of the art factory in the Netherlands. 


20-30% less expensive
up to four times as resilient
20% less heat storage
100% european quality

nice touch and skin friendly
colored to perfection

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